December 14, 2012

Balloon Love - Just so Fun!

Balloons are the most simple adornment to a party. I have been noticing a fashionable resurgence to their use - not just for kids anymore. You just cannot go to a party and when there are balloons, it is the icing to the cake (pun intended). I love clustering them and LOVE the huge ones that have been seen recently. I had an idea: at kid's parties you could insert a little note and each child can take one home, pop it and it contain either a thank you or inspiring note. Here are some favs all found and located on my Pinterest page! 


September 21, 2012

Living in and loving red

Those close to me know that I am a fanatic for red.  My wedding was red, two of my cars were red, heck I once had a red kitchen! Well, I am happy to say red is BACK! What is it about red? It makes your heart pump, yes? And this Fall I brought in tons of red for the shoes to make those little feet kick and pump this season.  Here are some great red inspirations. I am designing our new home and have decided to make our master bedroom - red! I will post some pics once I am done. For now - viva roja!


August 13, 2012

Conran Shop - creative juice

I have always been a huge fan of London Designer, Terence Conran. He shapes much of the current design styling in ways we don't notice - from products to interior design. Here is an interior shot of one of his shops. How fun is this? That pink reminds me of Valentina and the ice cream imagery is just fun! Valentina = happiness and this is just that.




June 26, 2012

Summer is here- Popsicle Party!

There are certain symbols of Summer and popsicles are certainly one of them! Camille Styles' inspiration board for a popsicle themed party is delish and I love the colors! Check out the popsicle martini for some grown up fun! The colors of this inspiration board remind me of my Clara, bubble gum pink espadrille - yum!


June 15, 2012

Colorful Paper Lanterns - Creative Juice

One of my many boards on Pinterest is dedicated to event design. It is full of the best photos of creative ideas for events - parties, weddings, dinner parties and more. I have had a 17 year career leading large corporate events and often have had the freedom to create some special fetes. One time, I had a private event at Gianni Vercace's Miami mansion, I did a customer conference in Cannes and even had a large Texas style hoe down complete with Bevo. (if you don't  know Bevo, look it up). But what I love about the simplicity of paper lanterns is not only are they cheap but gorgeous. The options to style them are endless. My daughter has two huge (huge!)) orange ones in her room. I love these with floral accents, and LOVE clustering them in large numbers for impact. Could you imagine walking into that pavilion? And it is only light and colored paper. Brilliant!