August 10, 2013

Fun, Funky, Things that make me Smile

At Valentina, happiness is our foundation. We create shoes that make girls smile. We aim to build confidence and inspire girls to be artists and designers themselves. Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration for me.  These are a couple of little things found that make me smile. Don't be afraid to add some whimsy to your world, it keeps the smiles in tact.

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An Orange Pig Planter = smile

A Bright Sunny Umbrella with peek a boo factor = smile



A gigantic bubble gum, pink heart decal for office = yes please!

Snuggling peas salt and pepper shaker = happy


June 27, 2013

4th of July - Style Freely

We heart the 4th of July! The colors, boldness, sparklers, the freedom of it all! As someone who loves and craves to entertain, I collected some of my favorite inspiring creative crafts, foods, drinks and design elements to fashion your best 4th. Enjoy! And Happy Fourth of July








May 30, 2013

Signs of Summer - Our Favorites

What is it about Summer? With two young kids and crazy school schedules, when Summer comes the change is actually physical. Of course there is the heat, the sunshine is different and the pace is feel less frenetic. My family has Summer traditions that are "our signs" of Summer. Picnics at the state Capital, curbside Lemonade stands, popsicles and evening sparklers are standards. What are yours?  (images from my Pinterest page)


May 03, 2013

Cinco de Mayo! My heritage

My mother was a proud, gorgeous Mexican woman who lived in color both figuratively and literally. I grew up going to Laredo and visited  almost every Mexican resort throughout my childhood. I remember shopping in El Mercado with my mom, while she haggled for better prices for silver & turquoise baubles,  Mexican handblown glasses, Mexican embroidered dresses (in every shade imaginable), straw baskets and of course, we always came home with a bottle of vanilla. The best part was hearing her do this in her fluent Spanish and I thought she was the bomb. The days always ended with fresh limeade and flan from The Cadillac to celebrate our purchases.

Recently, I threw a tequila tasting party ("TNT we called it") with some friends for a charity event. A good friend and I collected and gathered every Mexican - ish item we had on hand and visited Austin's own Tesoros on South Congress  to fill in the gaps (an excuse to buy). We designed tabletops at our tequila bar, queso station and taco tables. It was a blast and brought back memories of my Mexican adventures with my mother. Viva Cinco de Mayo!

Design Tip: Use empty Topo Chico bottles for your paper flower vases and as candles holders. Easy and cheap!


April 03, 2013

Creative crafting

Here at Valentina, we are BIG on creativity.  It is our thing and we do what we can to infuse it into our brand all the time. I have always admired friends who are DIY people (not me) and crafters,  My friend Jami Darwin is the best!  I often have the ideas just not the knowledge on how to make it happen. So, I thought I would pull together some of the easier craft wizardry from my Pinterest page - these are inspiring and seemingly easy. Yay!  Of course, I had to include the design your own style  that was the craze from my debut collection.  Happy Crafting!