September 13, 2013

Design Your Own Collection - "DYO"

We are super, crazy excited about Valentina's next phase. With our first white espadrilles, we saw how giving girls a chance to be creative and fostering their individual expression led to major confidence. We saw this at the Austin Children's Shelter when we donated shoes to help them create their signature style and saw it with Stella's friends when I donated a "design your own" shoe party to her school. We believe creativity=confidence.


Stay tuned for ways to pre-order for your girl her Design Your Own espadrilles and foster her own creativity!

xo - Tina Hambly, Founder + Designer


Girls at a DYO Party - creating and designing


A signature style from Stella



A before and after moment of our new collection!



Design whatever your girls chooses, motif, monogram, phrase - her signature style!





September 09, 2013

The DYO - Design Your Own Collection

We are completely committed to fostering individuality and creative expression - it's a company core value and shapes everything we do.

As part of an upcoming  campaign, we filmed the girls at one of our famous "DYO picnics" or "Design Your Own". Girls took sharpie markers to their white canvas espadrilles and designed and created their little hearts out. Confidence soared! It gave us happy feet indeed!

See the story soon. Join us for the fun at Facebook.



Working hard, designing away



Creativity = confidence and smiles



Even going inside the shoe - brilliant



Focused and having fun



September 03, 2013 the new black

With Fall coming (ok it's still is over 100 degrees in Austin), I always observe how retailers move their color palettes to reflect the shift, both in fashion & home furnishings. But there is one color that can survive any season, and it is orange.

Jonathan Adler says it is a natural anti depressant and I could not agree more.

Valentina loves to spread happiness in all things we do and you will see some doses of poppy orange in our upcoming Spring '14 season. But these little orange nuggets are just too happy not to share! So many fun ways to infuse this glorious color into everyday life.  Happy Orange!

Cocktails // Clementines // Orange Kitchen// My dining room // 

Orange popsicle cocktails, yes please

An "Orange Crush" Wedding - it's so brilliant!

Sunset Magazine Idea House, kitchen - LOVE these chairs

My dining room. Found Ombre vintage lamps for $5 each at City Wide Garage Sale!


August 10, 2013

Fun, Funky, Things that make me Smile

At Valentina, happiness is our foundation. We create shoes that make girls smile. We aim to build confidence and inspire girls to be artists and designers themselves. Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration for me.  These are a couple of little things found that make me smile. Don't be afraid to add some whimsy to your world, it keeps the smiles in tact.

All images found here


An Orange Pig Planter = smile

A Bright Sunny Umbrella with peek a boo factor = smile



A gigantic bubble gum, pink heart decal for office = yes please!

Snuggling peas salt and pepper shaker = happy


June 27, 2013

4th of July - Style Freely

We heart the 4th of July! The colors, boldness, sparklers, the freedom of it all! As someone who loves and craves to entertain, I collected some of my favorite inspiring creative crafts, foods, drinks and design elements to fashion your best 4th. Enjoy! And Happy Fourth of July